Laboratory Blood Test Services

Laboratory Blood Test Services

Blood testing is the single most important preventive tool you can use to help head off health and skin problems. Amy Rae Aesthetics makes it possible to take advantage of that tool at a fraction of the cost of commercial blood labs’ pricing.

Get a picture of your overall health. Identify potential disease risks. Empower yourself with a stronger understanding about what’s happening inside your body. Test for specific problems with comprehensive blood test panels and individualized tests like these:

  • Male and Female Comprehensive Panels
  • Cardiac Risk Factors
  • Vitamin Deficiencies
  • Hormone and Thyroid Panels
  • Metabolic and Chemistry Profiles

Our Practitioners are here to help decide what test is beneficial for your particular concerns. We also help you to schedule your lab appointments and your results can be kept private or shared with your Practitioner. Start the journey to total Mind-Body-Wellness Today!



(LifeExtension Blood test prices vary depending on what test is chosen.)

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