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A testimonial blog post from a new client:

“I’ve been going to Amy Rae Aesthetics for about a month now for very specific skin needs. I was looking for an aesthetician whose approach was holistic, all natural and non invasive. I’m always on the lookout for pure products and smarter, simpler ways to stay healthy but this time I really needed a skin guru.”




“I walked into a secluded little oasis in a bustling part of LA. I was feeling self conscious but that feeling quickly dissolved. I was greeted by the most approachable, real, down to earth, spa manager I’ve ever encountered. My face hurt as I smiled big, I was battling extremely dry and sensitive skin. It was exacerbated by over zealous picking and prodding.

The aesthetician Anna walked in glowing. She exuded confidence and with a no nonsense approach, corrected my bad habits; she is practically a life coach! With genuine consideration of my lifestyle and my pocketbook I was able to start a consistent program to get my skin where I wanted it to be. They are truly holistic in their approach.

Here’s my routine in a nutshell. More to come…

The Oxygen Treatment: effectively jump-starts your skins healing power. Imagine resuscitating each cell and allowing each pore to breathe.

I have incorporated oils into my diet and in addition I apply them topically. Flax seed oil and avocado oil are the two that I use every day. A tablespoon or two of each, you can add it to salad dressing or add a bit of balsamic with the avocado oil and dip in fresh bread.

Oddly, Oil of Evening Primrose gives me nightmares so I don’t take that at night. I’ll take it during the day along with a food based B vitamin. I eat a lot of pineapple, mango and avocados. I drink fresh cold pressed juice and stick to a vegetarian diet.
My twice daily cleansing regimen is so simple…

Apply coconut oil liberally to face and wipe away makeup and daily residue with a gauze facial cloth.

Remove eye makeup with castor oil. Which by the way, really does make your eyelashes fuller!

Apply ISUN serum with Epicuren rose moisturizer and call it a day!
It’s been a month and I have had consistent healthy skin. The sun damage is fading but it’s not quite gone yet…more to come.

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