Dark Circles? No, Thank You.

Let’s talk about dark circles.

Dark circles are a result of the delicate skin around the eye thinning out. Blood vessels get weak around the eye area and leak blood. And then voila, dark circles appear.

FACT: The skin around the periorbital area is on average 0.5 mm thick, while the rest of your face’s skin is around 2 mm thick.

Your face can hold a lot tension and unfortunately the eyes particularly can show signs of fatigue.

So what to do? Think internally!

At Amy Rae Aesthetics, we start by strengthening the eyes’ blood vessels with nutrients like Grape Seed Extract and Garden of Life’s Raw Vitamin C. We then give your blood some well needed Iron, which alone can deliver astounding results.


Topical treatments for dark circles include our Red LED Light Therapy to help heal the capillary walls, as well as a good Vitamin K serum to help thicken the skin and strengthen capillaries.

We love Queen Bee’s Vitamin K Serum:


 Our Eye Alive Serum from Epicuren Discovery is also a nutrient rich drink for the delicate skin around the eyes.




The Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Beauty Serum from Shea Terra Organics is a stimulating surge of synergistic properties to help rejuvenate and regenerate the skin cells in a most natural way.

As you may know, we believe in treating the mind, body, skin & soul here at Amy Rae Aesthetics. With treatments like Hypnotherapy, which can relieve insomnia, Acupuncture, which lessens stress, and more, we’re here to help you relieve dark circles and create a better wellness overall in you.

For your health,

Amy Rae

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