Clear Skin Ahead: Fight Acne in 2016


Acne. It can ruin your day and your confidence.


To effectively treat your acne, we need to understand its root causes.

Acne can be triggered by a number of things, most commonly hormonal imbalances and inflammation.

At Amy Rae Aesthetics, we can help you to minimize & even eliminate your breakouts. Our approach to acne is unique in that we start with an analysis of your body as a whole to determine the best holistic treatment for your particular skin.

The following are some of the ways Amy Rae Aesthetics approaches acne:

  • Healing the gut with an anti-inflammatory diet (Recommended: The GAPS Diet)

  • Testing your blood for hormonal imbalances as well as food allergies. Hormone & food allergy blood test results help us to further understand the nature of the skin disorder.

  • Oxylight with LED Blue Light Therapy

  • Raw Organic Vitamin C from Garden of Life

  • Probiotics from Garden of Life




Also, an at-home regime of natural healing products from Epicuren and SheaTerra Organics are recommend (for your particular acne concerns).

Some examples of possible product recommendations are:

  • Acidophilus Probiotic daily moisturizer from Epicuren.

  • An Anti-Inflammatory Oil from SheaTerra Organics to help heal your skin.



PS – Not only can we help you to heal your acne, we can also treat the worst result of acne: scarring

For your health,

Amy Rae


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